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Offline database for Android and Windows 10 with ability to sync data via cloud storage. With our app you will be able to design complex relational databases with professional-looking forms, customizable tables, complicated calculations, pivot tables and charts. Export to Excel, PDF and CSV allows the use of database information in external apps. CSV import enables data exchange between mobidb and MS Access, Filemaker, Excel. Convenient cloud synchronization enables database sync and multiple accounts collaboration.

Intuitive visual form designer will help you arrange information on your screen in an attractive and readable manner. If you are looking for the app similar to Bento mobidb is what you are looking for. Just drag and drop the required field types (text, integer, float, picture, calculable, nested table, dropdown list, etc.), layout them on the form and set up relations.

Import data from a CSV file to create a new table filled with information with just a couple of clicks. Add information to the existing tables by importing a CSV file.

A set of pre-designed templates addresses some common database tasks, you just need to enter the records.

Convenient and highly-customizable tables make it easy to analyze and manipulate database information. Reorder, hide/show columns, sort and filter by multiple columns, dynamically search for necessary information to make the table address your analytical needs. Accumulated balance reports aggregates data from multiple tables and provide an exhaustive data view so, you are able to see your progress or possible issues. Charts enables you to visualize your date effectively. Charts are highly customizeable and support multiple series. Different types of chart are available: pie, line, bar, spline.

Upload your databases to cloud storage: Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, share with the other users for teamwork and collaboration. All changes and data manipulations will be synchronized across all users’ devices on Android and Windows 10.

• store personal information of your collections, recipes, to-do lists, etc.;

• keep track of your business related data: customers, orders, products list, receipts;

• manage projects, track tasks progress, assign responsible persons, and invoice customers;

• create and manage company inventories;

• take scientific notes in the field;

• manage rented property;

• arrange, store and manage some specific information that requires special structure;

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